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Because as the legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell said about Andrew Longaker.. “He is a fine young artist to listen to!”


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As a Chicago music journalist put it, Andrew Longaker “has found his niche as one of the great guitarists in music. Although his voice is strongly anchored in the jazz idiom, Andrew tosses in a mix of styles from his 2 decade career in rock, jazz and R&B and rap. From Dire Straits to John Coltrane to Tupac, Andrew gives you an uncommonly broad range of sounds while keeping you perpetually in zone of in-the-pocket groove.

This album is a narrated journey and one that includes different styles without trying to force them together. While the primary genre is jazz, underground hip hop and reggae are present in healthy doses on Lost Realm. Andrew’s knack for melody makes this album the perfect backdrop for your next epic road trip or for enjoying over your favorite bottle of bourbon.

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